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Scott Famous Weekend

An Amazing Weekend

I had an amazing weekend. It started on Friday with insane sales of Lost In Spain. I looked at the KDP (Kindle) sales graph at noon and it was selling better than hot cakes at a country fair where all the other cakes are cold and made out of mud and cat hair. By Friday night I had sold a…

the internet hurts my brain

The Internet Hurts My Brain

The internet rarely gives me an actual headache so I guess I mean that the internet hurts my mind. I wake up in the morning and the first thing I do is open Facebook. I feel like that’s the logical choice because it’s the primary way that I communicate with most of the people in my life. Problem is, after…

After the final rose

After the Final Rose

15:00 Minutes After the final rose was given the runner-up left the stage. Staggering in shock, the man weaved between camera men, paparazzi and two fourteen year old girls who came because they couldn’t get tickets to One Direction, to get away. The brilliant white stage lights beat down upon him like a judgment, making his fake tan look orange.…