Lost in Spain Reviewed By Douglas Adams

Glad I Had My Towel

Reviewed By Douglas Adams

Lost In Spain made me cry ethereal tears of laughter, mainly because I can no longer cry real tears due to my lack of a body, which is just as well because I found the business of body-having a pain in the ass, which, I no longer have to bother wiping thanks to having found a higher plane.

Scott Oglesby was a human. He was an American. But Scott Oglesby was tired of being Scott Oglesby and he was tired of being American. He found it all tedious and tiring and not at all titillating. So he moved to Spain and found like-minded humans who were tired of the tedious and non-titillating nature of being who they were and where they were from so they had also moved to Spain. There were Germans tired of being German and British tired of being British and sex workers tired of getting splashed with bodily fluids. There were also Spanish humans but they were happy to be what they were and where they were from, since, unlike the others, they were home. The Spanish found it tedious and not titillating that all the humans from everywhere else had to come to Spain to change. Hadn’t they heard of dressing rooms or rehab?

After Scott Oglesby sufficiently changed to a version of himself that he fancied he left Spain. The Spanish were then titillated.

This “Collection of Humorous Essays” was as advertised, humorous. It also consisted of essays and that sounds much less like a good time than it actually is. So, perhaps, for the purpose of honest advertising I should instead say… this “Formidable Gaggle of Hilarious Musings”.. that sounds much better, doesn’t it? I give this “Formidable Gaggle of Hilarious Musings” a full three hundred billion out of a possible three hundred billion stars. I’m only counting the Milky Way because I have no idea what the rest of the universe would think, or if they’d be willing to give their stars away to a lowly human.

Douglas Adams Reviewed Lost In Spain

The Ghost of Douglas Adams.

  2 comments for “Lost in Spain Reviewed By Douglas Adams

  1. April 11, 2014 at 9:03 am

    You were lost in Spain and he was lost in space…or was that Will Robinson? Anyway, his Hitch-hiker books depressed me because of Arthur Dent. That guy was so meek and victimised.

    • Scott
      April 11, 2014 at 1:15 pm

      Loved the Hitchhiker series. Poor Arthur was as British as British could be. Adam’s imagination and quirky humor just blew me away.

      Thanks GB!

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